lithium battery for oil gradient tester

The lithium battery is for oil gradient tester. It will works at 80℃ high temperature for a long term. The cycle life should not less than 200~300 times. 


lithium battery for power tools

Lithium battery used for tree branch scissors, nominal voltage is 14.8V, nominal capacity is 4.4Ah, continuous working current is 15A, peak current is 30A,  


Golf carts smart lithium battery

Golf carts smart lithium battery is used in electronic golf trolley. The nominal voltage is 25.6V, nominal capacity is 6500mAh.The PCM should have balance function,


Power bank lithium ion battery

6pcs USB ports are needed, and it could charge 6pcs mobile phones at the same time. Box should be as thinner as possible and withmore

Portable Security camera lithium battery

Battery is used in Portable Security Camera. Customer requires: 7.4V lithium polymer battery 3000mAh~4000mAh.more

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