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We are not just sell batteries. And the sales process is not over after clients received batteries. We have after-sales service. Batteries will be on our after-sales service team’s mind and will be recorded on their hand from the moment of leaving our warehouse. After you received batteries, our team will further help you to solve all of your problems and doubts. That’s the way to improve ourselves, and is the existing meaning of our service team.

Someone said: when customers wrinkled their brow, there will be a big trouble. Maybe it’s right. But we just would say, when customers wrinkled their brow, there will be a chance to improve us, to strengthen the relationship and trust between customers. Thankful for being told of our errors is our attitudes which will never change.

We promise that we are responsible for each battery. Within the quality guarantee period, if there is a defective product, and it because of the quality of itself, we promise to replace it and undertake all the fees caused. Besides, when the battery beyond the quality guarantee period, we still promise to solve all the abnormal problems and provide tech support, if the battery needs to be repaired, we only charge the cost of parts, doesn’t need maintenance fee. In short, don’t worry about after-sales problem, it’s guaranteed.

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