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Key material for ultra-pure grade DMC-5G mobile phone battery to improve battery life

Key material for ultra-pure grade DMC-5G mobile phone battery to improve battery life

October 29,2019
The 5G era puts higher demands on the electrolyte which is one of the four major materials of mobile phone batteries. The electrolyte is called "blood" of a lithium battery, and the main function of the electrolyte is to conduct electrons between the positive and negative electrodes of the lithium battery. The electrolyte has an important influence on the safety, cycle life, high and low temperature performance of the lithium battery.

Usually, the electrolyte is composed of  solvent, solute, and additive. The mass ratio of the solvent, the solute, and the additive is generally 0.80:0.15:0.05.Dimethyl carbonate DMC is the most widely used electrolyte solvent. The purity of ultra-pure grade DMC is higher than that of battery-grade DMC, which has a certain effect on the energy density of 5G mobile phone battery and the extension of service life.Compared with 4G mobile phones, 5G mobile phones have many advantages such as fast network speed and high spectrum utilization, but 5G mobile phones need to handle more tasks, require more bandwidth, and the number of antennas used increases significantly. These factors will lead to 5G mobile phones. The power consumption is increased, so the battery life of the 5G mobile phone is relatively short.

The energy density represents the amount of electricity stored in a unit mass of battery, and the energy density determines the battery life of the mobile phone. The ultra-pure grade DMC helps to increase the energy density of the mobile phone battery, so that the mobile phone battery can store more power, thereby extending the battery life.In addition, the short battery life means that the 5G mobile phone should be charged frequently, which will affect the service life of the mobile phone battery. Ultra-pure grade DMC helps extend the life of your phone's battery.

Because the electrolyte solvent with less impurity content can reduce the negative reaction of the mobile phone battery during charging and discharging, thereby increasing the number of times the battery can be charged, and prolonging the service life of the battery.In addition, the ultra-pure grade DMC also has a certain improvement effect on the fast charging function of the mobile phone battery. According to Baichuan Information, the current price of ultra-pure DMC leading manufacturer Shi Dasheng Huachao-grade DMC is 10,700 yuan / ton, up 15.55% from October 14.
The voltage of the 4G mobile phone battery is generally 4.4V, and the voltage of the 5G mobile phone battery should reach 4.5V-4.6V. Increasing the battery voltage is one of the important ways to improve the battery life of the 5G mobile phone.

Because energy density = battery capacity × voltage / battery weight. It can be seen that increasing the battery voltage can increase the energy density of the battery. However, in the case of high voltage, the electrolyte is easily oxidized and decomposed. Once the electrolyte is oxidized and decomposed, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are destroyed, especially the decomposition of the electrolyte on the positive electrode.

It is easy to intensify. To solve this problem, additives are the key, and boron-containing additives are suitable for use in high-voltage batteries. The boron-containing additive is preferentially oxidized in the lithium battery cycle than the solvent, thereby forming a protective film covering the surface of the positive electrode. The protective film has good ionic conductivity and can inhibit the electrolyte in the subsequent.

The oxidative decomposition and the destruction of the structure of the positive electrode material of the lithium battery occur in the battery cycle, thereby stabilizing the interface between the electrolyte and the electrode, thereby enhancing the stability of the positive electrode interface.

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