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Our company will be closed from Dragon Boat Festival

Our company will be closed from Dragon Boat Festival

June 6,2019

Dragon Boat Festival is coming tomorrow, to celebrate it, our Boss Mr. Xiong  decided to close our factory from June 7th to 9th, will be back to work on June 10th,  all of us feel very happy after hearing from this news. 

Our workers kept working so hard during the past month because there were a lot of lithium ion battery pack orders, even they could take a break at the weekend, it's not enough for so strong work,what's more, lots of them didn't have time to go back home to see their family, consider this situation, our boss agree to offer 3 days  holiday, thus we can spend more time with our family. 

Before leaving, we had a meeting, Mr. Xiong emphasized that : safety is very important, we should check if all equipments are turned off, be careful on the way home, our salesmen should keep the phone open in case there's any customers who may call to ask anything about batteries, wish everybody could have a great time during holiday! 

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