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The recycling market of lithium battery will break out in 2019

The recycling market of lithium battery will break out in 2019

May 29,2018

Recently, National Gold Securitiesissued “theResearch report on Recycling Industry of Power Lithium Battery". It saidthat with the growth of the new energy vehicles, thedevelopment of powerlithium battery recycling and cascade utilization industryhas considerable economicbenefits, though it is necessary to avoid environmentalpollution and waste ofresources.

At present, the imbalance betweensupply and demandof metal material resources is gradually emerging. The reportpredicts that therecycling recovery of cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium andmetal, such as ironand aluminum, from waste power lithium batteries break outin 2019, reaching to5.2 billion yuan.

For the enterprises, the recycling ofpower batteryhas a huge opportunity of business.Recycling can not only save the costof the rawmaterials for the battery manufacturers, but it also closely relatedto thegovernment for building a low carbon economy and environmentfriendlysociety."

According to the report, "withthe growth of theproduction and sales of new energy vehicles, the recyclingand utilization ofelectric vehicle power batteries will become more and moreprominent. Thenational and local governments have issued policies one afteranother to speedup the process of building a benign industrialecosystem."

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