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Power Lithium Battery will become the main Force of Lithium Battery

Power Lithium Battery will become the main Force of Lithium Battery

May 22,2018

At present, the application of lithium battery in energystorage is mainly around the field of back up power of network base station,home light storage system, electric vehicle and charging station, electrictool, home and office equipment and so on. During the "13thFive-Year", China's energy storage market will take the lead in the fieldof public utilities, from the power generation and transmission sideto the user side. in 2017, infiltration Data show that the application quantityof lithium battery is about 5.8Gwh in energy storage market, and the marketshare of lithium ion battery will continue to increase steadily in 2018.

Lithiumion batteries can be divided into three types according to the application suchas consumption, power and energy storage. Power lithium battery and energystorage lithium battery are being paid much attention in the industry. Accordingto authoritative experts, by 2020, the proportion of power lithium battery isexpected to rise to 70% in all applications of lithium batteries in China, andpower battery will become the main force of lithium batteries.

Lithium battery industry is developing rapidly, the mainreason is that policies promote the development of new energy vehicle industry.In April, 2017, the State Ministry of industry credit in the latest developmentof the latest "medium and long term development plan of the automobileindustry"

In the future direction of power battery technology, TernaryMaterial is becoming a major trend. Compared withLithium Cobalt Oxide, lithiumiron phosphate and LithiumManganese Oxide, Ternary Material lithium battery has the characteristics ofhigh energy density, high voltage platform, high vibratory density, good cycleperformance, and electrochemical stability. It has big advantages in improvingthe endurance of new energy vehicles, and also has large output power and goodlow temperature performance. It is suitable for all weather conditions. Forelectric vehicles, no doubt consumers are most concerned about its enduranceand safety. Ternary Material battery lithium battery is obviously a betterchoice.

The rapid rise of demand for electric vehicles has led to asharp rise in demand for power lithium ion battery, making it the main force todrive the growth of the lithium-ion battery industry. Lithium is a highlyductile product, which was born in 80s, and has undergone a long period ofprecipitation and technological innovation. At the same time, lithium battery isless harmful to the environment in both production and destruction, which ismore in line with the demands of the current social development. So lithiumelectric power has become the core focus of the new generation of energy. Inthe mediumterm, the upgrading of the current transport technology is the coreof the global application of science and technology. As an indispensablesupporting product for the upgrading of transport technology, power lithiumbattery is expected to have great development in the next 3-5 years.

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