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Liliang New 10000mAh Mobile Power supply listed

Liliang New 10000mAh Mobile Power supply listed

April 21,2018

The new 10000mAh mobile power supply is quietly coming on the market on this warm spring daywithout any attention like Water Cube and without the endorsement of fashionstars.

Everythingbegins to grow and the nature of the universe can be the simplest. The newmobile power continues the usual design style of simplicity and utility. Manypeople are reluctant to throw the box when they bought things, even though it onlytakes up the space. This time we have eliminated the boxes. It is a very humandesign. I'm not dazzling and noisy, but you can't do without me. I'm like airto you, that's the standard we define for a good product, and we want thismobile power to be the same for users.

The simple appearance of the item hides the extraordinarystrength. With exclusive mold, double USB output, and it also can charge twomobile phones at the same time; We select first line brand 10000mAhlithium polymer core, and the conversion rate is up to 95%; well-designedprotective board. Import precision ICs, with the six function of overcharge, overcurrent,overdischarge, temperature protection, short-circuit protection, electrostaticprotection to protect the battery all around.

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