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BYD proposes "Sustainable Development Plan" for Battery Business to choose both Lithium Phosphate and Ternary Lithium Battery

BYD proposes "Sustainable Development Plan" for Battery Business to choose both Lithium Phosphate and Ternary Lithium Battery

April 10,2018

Batteries are the core of electric vehicles and energy storage devices, thus, in response to the battery market in the future, BYD proposes "Sustainable Development Plan" for Battery Business. Zhao Tong, general manager of overseas sales for BYD's battery business group, revealed on February 28th, at the largest Japan International Intelligent Energy week in Asia. This is the first time BYD has announced this major plan, which involves technology development, industrial chain layout and battery recycling.

Increasing demand, rising prices of  raw material, and low-end overcapacity, are the status of the battery industry. Zhao Tong said that only in-depth research and development technology, can lead the development of the industry. BYD chooses to use the LiFePO4 battery and INR lithium battery simultaneously, and adhere to "two legs walk." 

Upgrading the technology to increase energy density of secondary rechargeable batteries, as well as the range of electric vehicles and the capacity of energy storage equipment, have been continuously speed up the progress of the whole electric vehicle and energy storage industry. At the same time, BYD will reduce the proportion of rare resources in the battery composition to reduce the impact of future price fluctuations in scarce resources.

For green development, the battery industry needs to consider recycling. BYD has a complete battery development-production-use-recycling industry chain.

“Battery Ladder Utilization” is not a false proposition, on the contrary, there is much to be desired. discarded batteries are tested and checked so that they can be reused by communication base station and energy storage power station.

 If the batteries can’t be reused, they will be decomposed efficiently by automatic closed power battery disassembly equipment developed by BYD so that it can recycle all the substance in the battery. BYD has prepared early for this.

After more than 20 years of innovation and technology accumulation, battery products of BYD are widely used in many new energy solutions, such as solar power plants, energy storage power stations and so on, besides new energy vehicles and rail transit.

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