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Panasonic are considering to produce Tesla battery in China

Panasonic are considering to produce Tesla battery in China

January 20,2018

It was revealed that Panasonic president Kazuhiro Tsuga revealed the battery production plan for the future in CES. 

He said, may produce the battery which is provided to Tesla.

According to his statement, becauseTesla has planed to start product’s local production. Panasonic is alsoconsidering 

to promote the investment for Chinese factory. Though haven’tdecided the detailed plan of produce Tesla battery in 

China, Panasonic has considering the possibility of this plan. 

For this point, industry said, China,at present as a largest market of electric automobile, is a good choice to build 

battery factory for Panasonic and Tesla.  Because building factory in China not only canoccupy the market  rapidly, but 

also can copy the previous successful cooperation mode to the new factory. 

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