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China's Battery Storage Status

China's Battery Storage Status

January 11,2018

Affected by the 2017 energy storage policy, the strong demand in the electric car market drove down the price of power batteries. But even so, China's battery storage market has not seen a big improvement.


From an external point of view, China is an energy importing country and 60% primary energy is dependent on import. This poses a great risk to the energy security strategy. From the internal point of view, China's power structure system, coal consumption accounted for more than 60% (before 2016). Improving the energy structure, and actively developing new energy and clean green energy are undoubtedly a top priority.


Wind energy and solar energy are the absolute main power of new energy power generation, but they all have the characteristics of large fluctuation and unpredictability. But battery energy storage has the characteristics of fast dispatch response, flexible configuration, precise control and environment friendliness which becomes the best partner of new energy power generation. This is an industry consensus and recognized by the relevant state departments.


Although gas-fired power station and pumped storage power stations can also finish some new-energy peak shaving work, the smooth output and FM effects are far less than the battery energy storage.Wind power and PV power concentrated in the same place can naturally balance some output fluctuations (such as wind and solar complementary effects), but neither wind nor light moment can happen from time to time. Therefore, a certain scale of battery storage power station is final option for new energy power station to achieve tracking plan.


Energy storage power station which is supporting new energy power generation has a variety of existing forms, like optical storage body, wind storage body, the wind and optical storage body and so on. From the use of efficiency, utilization efficiency, convenient scheduling, business model and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, it is thought that the independent energy storage power station with over 100 megawatt scale will occupy the mainstream position.

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