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The increasing demand of lithium battery makes nickel price hits a new record

The increasing demand of lithium battery makes nickel price hits a new record

October 31,2017

According to the market news, the nickel supply will blowholes in the next year, it’s quotation has already over $12000/ton, which hit anew record. Nickel is originally mainly used for making stainless steel , butit’s also the main material for making lithium batteries, especially that moreand more China electric car manufacturers start to favor nickel lithiumbattery.


Although Ni-MH battery is not popular with electric carmanufacturer, INR battery needs nickel sulfate crystal as it’s anode material.Because Nickel is good for increasing the energy density of Li-ion battery , that’swhy the demand of INR battery is higher and higher, which makes nickel mineralssupply is becoming critical. According to the researchers, nickel demand willreach 2,260,000 tons, besides, the total output is only about 2,200,000 tons,there will be a supply gap about 60,000 tons.


But it’s not only because of battery, the nickel used bystainless steel raised by 5%, which leads to a supply gap of 90,000 tons,although it is anticipated that the stainless steel demand will slowdown, it’sobvious that the supply is unable to keep up, especially because of the rapidexpansion of lithium battery market. Early of last year, most batterymanufacturers started to increase production lines for nickel sulfate.


Using highnickel INR lithium battery is controversial because it’s with high energy butpoor safety performance, comparing with LiFePO4 battery, Chinagovernment prefer LiFePO4 battery which is much safer, but because of thetechnical progress and strength on performance, except some big factories suchas Tesla and Panasonic, China dealers trend to the research of high nickelmaterial. 

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