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Gold age of new energy car

Gold age of new energy car

October 24,2017

The MIIT stated thatthey’ve started research about making lock-up schedule for gas car inSeptember, and will launch and implement dual integral policy for new energy car.Earlier in Europe, most countries have already promoted the schedule, Englandand France settled the diesel car lock-up time in 2040, Germany settled it in2030, Netherlands and Norway planed to settle it in the year of 2025, whichmuch earlier.


In the meantime, somefamous car manufacturers at home and abroad started to layout the new energycar market, launched the strategy plans for new energy car market for 2020 and2025 one after another, which is gaining stream of the transition fromtraditional car to new energy car. For example, Volvo announced that they won’tproduce gas cars from 2019, which become the first company who announced tostop producing pure gas car in the world.


The signs that gascar market will be swallowed up by new energy car in the coming decades. Themarket share of electric car in the global market is only 1%, but, along withthe main car data market such as  China,France and England put the lock-up plans for gas car on agenda, it is notunreachable that a world of electric cars dominate the automobile market willcome in future, a professional said.

According to EVIfigures, the quantity of new energy cars in the world are expected to reach12900,000 by 2020. New energy cars will drive the development of rechargeable lithium ion batteries

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