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Hydrogen fuel cell will be the breakthrough of new energy automobile

Hydrogen fuel cell will be the breakthrough of new energy automobile

October 11,2017

Peoplebarely turn eyes on hydrogen fuel battery in the past, but now its very different, hydrogen fuel battery willget support from policy, enterprises and leaders in this field like Li Kashing. Benz announced that they will launch the worlds first plug-in hydrogen fuel batterypowered car, and most passenger car enterprises like Yutong are speeding up thelayout.


Hydrogen fuelbattery is becoming hot in the A share market recently. By the view ofenvironmental protection and safety, most professionals in this field thinkthat hydrogen fuel battery is the real eco-friendly new energy material.Comparing with lithium battery powered car, hydrogen fuel battery powered carhas the characteristics such as faster injection, longer endurance range, zerorelease and has no secondary pollution, etc. The strength on the application ofpassenger car and truck is very obvious, and it’s the final gold of new energycar development.


Besides, theenergy density of hydrogen is 10 times of lithium ion battery for car, it couldback up the car for longer distance, and the energy transfer ratio is 2-3 timeshigher than internal combustion engine.


But, hydrogen fuelbattery also has it’s defect. Just like gasoline car needs gas station,electric car needs charging spot, hydrogen fuel battery needs fuel station,too. The cost is high, and lack of fuel station, which restrict itscommercialization.


Seeking breakthrough for the diversified developmentof new energy car. China started to research the stop production time oftraditional energy car, which means the drop out of fuel car is no longer faraway. Hydrogen fuel and electricity will coexist and support the development ofnew energy car together, the minister of MOST said. 

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