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The standardization of lithium ion battery is speeding up

The standardization of lithium ion battery is speeding up

September 2,2017

The development time of rechargeablelithium ion battery is nearly 10 years, and got significant progress on eachaspect. But look back recently years, safety accidents happened frequently, whichcaused huge property loss, casualty, moreover, customers and insiders losefaith in it.


Therefore, people start to pay attention tothe safety problem of Li-ion battery, only if we solve the safety standard,lithium battery industry could get healthy and rapid development.


The Ministry published lithium ion battery integrated standardizationtechnology system on November 9th, 2016,which attached lithium ion battery standardization job into marco-plan for thefirst time.


This system divides lithium batterystandard into 5 types: basic common use, materials and components, design andprogress, manufacture and equipments test, electric products, totally 231pages. According to the planning of the system , our country willformulate/revise 80 standards for lithium ion battery. 

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