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The new standard about high temperature storage will put most of UAV battery manufacturers out of the door

The new standard about high temperature storage will put most of UAV battery manufacturers out of the door

August 22,2017

It is understood that there are about 30 enterprises which have the capacity to produce the UAV battery, "not only China, the United States and Europe, the UAV market is also rising," He Longping said.


According to the relevant participants revealed that after combining with the usage of different parts of the world, the DJI Science and Technology put forward a high temperature storage regulations at the seminar. "In terms of high temperature storage conditions: after the battery pack is fully charged, then the battery pack should be placed in the environment of 60-degree for 30d, when removing the battery from the storage environment until the battery temperature dropped to room temperature and under the battery 0.5C rated capacity test with discharge time of not less than 1.5h, the battery should not drum package, do not leak, no rupture, no fire, no smoke, no explosion "

This became a hot topic at the seminar. Reporters noted that only this single provision has put most of the batteries plant in the UAV battery industry outside the door.

"Battery cell manufacturers are too difficult to make it. There are many harsh requirements, but also because of this, DJI is highly approved at home and abroad market." He Longping also revealed that "There was an a well-known UAV battery manufacturer in drone battery industry, however because of the bad high temperature storage performance of the battery, such drum package seriously, it become badly discredited now. However, He Longping told reporters that about the provisions for the high-temperature storage, "we will integrate the views of the whole industry and then determine the specific parameters, after all, its only the first draft. "

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