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Cobalt,Lithium and REO keep booming

Cobalt,Lithium and REO keep booming

July 25,2017

The cobalt price not changed much in 2016, but it started to raise since last November, from January of 2017 till now, cobalt oxide hasbeen raised 102.6%,cobalt powder has been raised 82.8%, lithium cobalt has been raised 71.7%, electrolytic cobalt has been raised 52.7%, and the cobalt oxide used for making Li-ion battery raised the most. And it will keep increasing due to the increasing need of electric car and double battery cells for cell phone. 

The cobalt,lithium and REO keep booming. 

As the upstream of new energy, lithium mineral resource occupies an important position. Affected by the needs from new energy manufacturer, ATL, BYD and som other rechargeable lithium battery manufacturer expanded over 50% of the production. Lithium salt supply and demand are basically equal.

Besides, the REO performance outstanding recently, one the one side, the achievement of gang crackdown is well, on the other hand, the inventory is small which makes the price increased a lot, and the REO manufacturer's profitability imporved signficantly.

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