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Lithium ion battery separator resin was produced in China

Lithium ion battery separator resin was produced in China

July 20,2017

A couple days ago,  China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation produced Lithium ion battery separator resin, this is the first time that China produced such product. It has broken the monopoly of import product.

Separator is a material for rechargeable li-ion battery, a key component inside, over half of the separator manufacturer have to import polyethylene from other country, and the price of import polyethylene is up to 20 thousands yuan per ton, import quantity is over 10 thousand tons each year, and it's raising rapidly.

Aiming at the market opportunity, in early of 2014, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation started to research high polyethylene resin for lithium battery, and they set up the project formally last year. On April 27th of 2017, they trial-produced this product and the over 70 tons of products was proved qualified, the quality also reach import product standard.

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