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The development trend of lithium battery raw materials

The development trend of lithium battery raw materials

March 30,2017

In 2012-2014, the growth of cathode materials of lithium battery is drived by mobile phone, tablet pc, portable power source. But the growth is slipping over the years. It shows that digital market starts to be saturated. In 2015, drived by the power battery of new energy automobile, the market of cathode materials is growing fast. In China, 2015, the output of cathode materials reaches 113,000 tons, having growth of 49% than last year. 

With the advantages of high capacity ratio, light weight, more cycle times, environmental materials, lithium battery is widely used in the market of consumer electronics, power and storage. In recent years, with the popularization of smart phone, and the rise of new energy automobile, the market requirements of lithium battery is rapid grow. The enterprises and output volume are continuous increasing. From the perspective of the stage of industry life cycle, at present, lithium industry is in rapid growth period. While the saturation of consumer electronics field is improving. The speed-rising of lithium battery requirements is slow. As a whole, in 2016, the speed-rising of output volume for Chinese cathode materials will be slow. The output volume of the whole year will be 150,000 tons.

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