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The new breakthrough in energy storage battery

The new breakthrough in energy storage battery

November 30,2016

Tang Yongbing, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science has made a breakthrough in the research of low-cost and efficient energy storage battery. His research has been published online in Advanced Energy Materials recently, and applied for a patent for the process.

Tang and his team members Tong Xuefeng, Zhang Fan constructs a novel composite cathode material in a simple, controlled way. The tests proved that this novel composite cathode can significantly improve the performance of aluminum-graphite dual-ion battery, especially the cyclic stability.

Test on cycle performance found that after 1000 times charging and discharging circulation at 2c high rate, about 90% of the capacity is maintained, far beyond the national average (gb/t18287-2013). The study also found that the battery have excellent performance at rate capability, and its energy density reach up to ~200wh/kg when fully charged in 3 min, which is about twice of conventional lithium ion battery. 

The research will be beneficial to the application of aluminum-graphite dual-ion battery in new energy vehicles and portable electronic products.

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