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Japanese customer visit our company

Japanese customer visit our company

August 6,2016

Our Japanese customer visited our company on May 5, 2016. They came our company to discuss the design of battery.

Firstly, we had a meeting. The main content is to introduce our company history, discuss a lithium ion battery pack for power tool and the PCM development. The atmosphere of the meeting is very good. They placed an order on the spot.

After the meeting, we show our factory to our guest. They had a deep impression about our manufacturing department. We were not surprised at this. Because we have some distinct characteristics on production as follows:

1. Fully enclosed clean room

2. Strictly control the environmental temperature, humidity and dust in the production process.

3. Examining all the battery before shipment.

4. Proofing fast, faster delivery

Through the visit, they praised our mature technology, especially our independent research and development of battery.




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