Liliang battery VS Other battery

Exaggerate the capacity.

The largest capacity is 3400mAh of 18650 single cell in the current market.

Without production date. When the battery has quality problem, can’t be traced.

The appearance is uneven and unsightly which is easy to hurting the hands and is hard to install.

Improper PCB board installation, serious adverse appearance.

Improper insulation which is easy to cause short circuit.

The PCB board selection and installation are unreasonable.

Shoddily workmanship, many hidden dangers.  Icicles will impale PVC, resulting in hidden dangers. 

The result of not sticking insulating donut is when the temperature is too high, 

the plastic mat of PVC and battery cell will thaw, causing short circuit.  

The width of nickel strip is not enough which will increase resistance and can’t reach the flow value requirement.

The result is easy to burnout and cause hidden dangers.

ThePerformance of electroplated nickel steel strip is poor which will rust after a long time. 

And then it will fall off easily, resulting in battery failure and even hidden dangers.

Fewer solder joints increase the chances of fake weld.

The result is very bad when the nickel strip impale the battery cell without insulation, 

especially those nickel   strips through 3 cells have heavy hidden dangers.

The cathode nickel strip without high   temperature glue, when the temperature is too high, 

the PVC will thaw and nickel strip will expose, causing hidden dangers. 

Too much glue will increase PVC ageing, 

shrinkage and cracking to cause the chances of short circuit between cell and cell. 

After the insulation between cell and cell,

 it can effectively avoid risks caused by glues and short circuit caused by PVC ruptured in the high temperature.

The voltage difference between the 3 cells exceeds 5mv.  

The greater the pressure difference, the greater the battery discharge capacity loss, and the shorter the cycle life.

Resistance consistency exceeds 5mΩ. One of the cell is above 60 mΩ. 

The resistance difference or resistance is too large, will reduce the discharge efficiency and cycle life.

Exaggerate the capacity.

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